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 Your friends love your book and maybe your writers group does, too.  But it has to make 30,000 strangers tell all  their friends that they must read it.    Word of mouth is the number one way we find the next good read!   My book evaluation analyzes the book for story structure, characterization, prose quality, promotional options, and market fit.  Know whether that book is ready before you send it out!

When I content edit a book, I look at reader expectations, market realities,  pacing, vivid characterization, plot structure and theme…. I will help you bring all these critical elements together to make your book as strong and engaging as it can possibly be. I work with all adult fiction genres, YA, memoir, and creative nonfiction. Excellent spelling and punctuation are not enough.  The book must exceed reader expectations on ALL levels! 


No paying scammers!   You need the right publisher to suit your book and your career goals, whether that's an agent and a New York house,  a small press commercial publisher, self publishing, or  one of the exciting new hybrid publishers.   We'll find the right publisher for your book and you won't get scammed. 


Promotion is the author’s job today and very few new writers have a clue about how to effectively reach new readers.    I'll help you plan the right promotional platform to suit your book and your time budget. 


I've been a self supporting writer for twenty years.   I know what your book means to you and I want it to succeed.   I know what is working for writers right now, as opposed to last week or last year.   When I edit your book, I also teach you how to write a stronger first draft next time. 

Together, we’ll make your book as effective and compelling as it can possibly be and get it out there safely to reach and  delight new readers.


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What My Clients Have to Say:

Larry Causey   Briar's Lookout

Mary Rosenblum has been a part of my fiction publishing enterprise from the start, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.  She's something between a confidant and a sparring partner.  I had the good fortune to have her as my instructor with Long Ridge Writers Group for my first novel, "Tucson Rider."  The course covered three chapters, but after its completion Mary continued to give me encouragement and advice.  Published by CreateSpace and Amazon, "Tucson Rider" has met with respectable success, most of that through Kindle.

 Mary advised me to collect the Western short stories that make up "Bitter Water," also published through Amazon and Kindle.  One of the stories, "Rosa's Getaway," is a segment from my most recent novel, "Briar's Lookout."

 Mary never complained about the freebies, but I broke down and paid for an evaluation of "Briar's Lookout."  This helped me expand it when I had despaired of doing that.  She also did an edit, opening my eyes to the significance of details.  As she promised, she made a lot of small changes that were hardly noticeable.  I had the final say, so if any mistakes remain, that's my fault.

 Because of Mary's contributions, I feel "Briar's Lookout" is a more professionally prepared novel.  If I need help in my future endeavors, Mary Rosenblum will be my go-to person.


Hmmm...confidant and sparring partner, eh?  I guess that's true, since I nag authors for their best and I'm not afraid to say why I want them to change things.   Larry's a strong writer, his Old West is realistic, historical, and populated with vivid characters who suit their time. It's a real, dusty, compelling read and worth your time and money!

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