Welcome to the New Writers Interface

 Today's new publishing world is exciting.  Online bookstores and social media have opened the door to writers, allowing them to publish their own books and succeed.  But success is made up of three critical elements and you need them all if you want to sell  lots of books:

A Good Book

To succeed, you need a book that leaves not just your friends or critique group impressed, but one that will have 30,000 strangers telling all  their friends that they must read it.    Word of mouth is the number one way we find the next good read!   When I content edit your book, I look at reader expectations, market realities,  pacing, vivid characterization, plot structure and theme…. I will help you bring all these critical elements together to make your book as strong and engaging as it can possibly be. I work with all adult fiction genres, YA, memoir, and creative nonfiction.  

The Right Publisher

No paying scammers!   I help you find the right publisher to suit your book and your career goals, whether that's self publishing, a commercial publisher, a subsidy publisher, or one of the exciting new hybrid publishers.   You can be sure that you won't get scammed. 

Effective Promotion

Promotion is the author’s job today and very few new writers have a clue about how to effectively reach new readers.    I'll help you set up the right promotional platform to suit your book and your time budget, so that it works for you. 

Why me?

I'm a writer.    I know what your book means to you and I want it to succeed.   I know what is working for writers right now, as opposed to last week or last year.   Together, we’ll make your book as effective and compelling as it can possibly be and get it out there safely to reach and  delight new readers.

I’m with you every step of the way!

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Brad Bayley  Eden's Ore;  Secrets

Mary Rosenblum is very important part of what makes my books sell. It's a simple fact. One of the reasons I was thrilled to have Mary agree to the Eden's Ore series, all five books, was her touch on my first book. I, like many writers, was very reluctant to work with a professional editor. I felt I had done enough on my own and through my friends and family, we had it covered. Simply put, I was wrong. Mary delicately brought up some problems in my first novel. It needed some major changes -- things I simply didn't see or understand about the marketplace and how certain parts of my book would be perceived by readers. It was a very big learning curve for a first time author and Mary helped guide the path in such a way that I felt safe. She once said to me, "I am just removing the fog from the views you have already created for your readers". That might sound like a sales line, but it was exactly what she did. In the end, my book was still my book. My words, not anyone else's. It had just gotten better.

My experience with Mary has only improved with time. I think, for both us. The more work we do together - the better flow we both find in it. And we both feel safe enough to be 100% honest. Which is very hard to find. I love the fact that Mary doesn't hold back her opinion, but she is very professional and kind with her remarks. I have two more series in the works and I can tell you right now. Mary will edit them.

Brad has been a great client to work with and if you enjoy SF and near future adventure, you'll enjoy his Eden series with three dimensional characters and lots of great action!

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