Publishing Services
  1. Manuscript Evaluation
    Make sure your book hits the bullseye for your readership and gets those five star reviews!
  2. Editing
    Fixing punctuation and grammar is not enough to make your book sell! My complete edit includes content, copy edit, and a final polish so that your book is as strong as it can be.
  3. Plot X Ray
    Does your book really work for readers in your genre? Fix weak elements to avoid poor sales.
  4. Promotional Platform -- COMING SOON!
    Step by step to a promotional platform custom designed for your time, your interests, and your book!
  5. Blurb and Social Media Copy
    The book jacket blurb and description sell your book...or fail to. Make sure they work for you!
  6. Chapter by Chapter Editing
    Got a great idea but the draft isn't working? Stuck in the middle? Get help from page 1 for a professional draft.
Your book took a lot of effort, and you want it to sell well. But it must be completely ready to publish, and you need to understand how today's publishing world works -- or you risk poor sales and scams by fake 'publishers'.  Let me help!
  •  Professional Manuscript Evaluation
  •  Quality Editing
  •  Publishing Assistance
  •  Promotional Platforms
  1. Mary Rosenblum is very important part of what makes my books sell. It's a simple fact. One of the reasons I was thrilled to have Mary agree to the Eden's Ore series, all five books, was her touch on my first book. I, like many writers, was very reluctant to work with a professional editor. I felt I had done enough on my own and through my friends and family, we had it covered. Simply put, I was wrong.

    Brad Bayly-- Eden's Ore Series

  2. Once upon a time, I had a book inside of me, kicking and bumping and trying to get out. Frankly, it was darned uncomfortable. I tried everything I could think of to get that book out, but it just got bigger and lumpier. Finally, my fairy god-sister-in-law took pity on me and told me about a wonderful literary midwife named Mary Rosenblum. Mary took a good look at my gigantic blob, and rolled up her sleeves. It wasn't going to be an easy birth, but Mary showed me all the tricks.

    Barb Taub -- The Null City Series

  3. Mary has helped me to shape, revise, and edit three novels and is currently working with me on my fourth. Her influence on me has been immeasurable. Mary encouraged me to keep writing through self-doubt, to send out those infamous query letters, and not to give up. She knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to writing. Her skills in editing and her fun way of keeping me on track helped me to reach my dream of becoming a published author. She celebrated with me when my first book was under contract and again with the contract on my second book. Her knowledge of contracts, editing, and writing is very helpful to anyone trying to slog through the industry.

    Iona Morrison -- Blue Cove Mysteries