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Client Success of the Month!

CONGRATULATIONS to Pearl Meaker, who received a Gold Award in Mystery and Suspense in the Independent Book Publisher's Association's Ben Franklin Literary Awards.

Her award winning book THE DEVIL'S FLOOD is book three in her charming cozy mystery series set in a small, midwestern university town, and I have been priveleged to edit all the books in the series.

You deserve the award, Pearl, the book is excellent and so is the series!  Thanks so much for inviting me to attend the award ceremony  with you. I can't wait to see book four!
Publishing Services
  1. Manuscript Evaluation
    Make sure your book hits the bullseye for your readership and gets those five star reviews!
  2. Editing
    Fixing punctuation and grammar is not enough to make your book sell! My complete edit includes content, copy edit, and a final polish so that your book is as strong as it can be.
  3. Plot X Ray
    Does your book really work for readers in your genre? Fix weak elements to avoid poor sales.
  4. Promotional Platform -- COMING SOON!
    Step by step to a promotional platform custom designed for your time, your interests, and your book!
  5. Blurb and Social Media Copy
    The book jacket blurb and description sell your book...or fail to. Make sure they work for you!
  6. Chapter by Chapter Editing
    Got a great idea but the draft isn't working? Stuck in the middle? Get help from page 1 for a professional draft.