Welcome to the New Writers Interface

Welcome to the New Writers Interface. I’m Mary Rosenblum, award winning author of many SF and mystery novels published with New York publishers and overseas, as well as dozens of short stories that have been published in major magazines all over the world. I’ve taught writing for more than fifteen years and I've become a Literary Midwife.

What's a Literary Midwife?

That’s me!  I’ve supported myself as an author for nearly two decades, I've worked with dozens of new authors over the years,  and I bring a career’s worth of experience and knowledge about today’s publishing world to you, to help you publish and promote your book effectively and safely in today’s brave new publishing world.  You don't have to go it alone!

It’s an exciting time for new writers as the publishing world expands to offer you a host of new opportunities.  But this publishing sea is full of sharks and it’s easy to spend a lot of money and find that you’ve wasted it.  What I offer you is total support.  We’ll make your book as strong and compelling as it can be, and then I’ll help you find the right publisher for it, whether that is a commercial publisher, or you choose to do it yourself.  I'll help you with the entire process

Promotion is the author’s job today and very few new writers have a clue about how to effectively reach new readers.  I’ll help you navigate the self-promotion maze and reach as many interested new readers as you can.  We’ll make it work for you with the time you have to spend.

I'm a writer and I know what your book means to you.  Together, we’ll make your book as effective and compelling as it can possibly be and get it out there to delight new readers.

I’m with you every step of the way!

What's New?

Marketing First Publishing!

Meet Julie Salisbury, president and founder of Influence Hybrid Publishing Group on the NWI blog.  She's the guru behind Influence's strong success in the market.  They're seeing about 30% of their authors end up on an Amazon.com best seller list. It's all about the launch, Julie says, and how she goes about marketing is pretty darn impressive.  This is the first book marketer I've seen who is doing it right!   Check out the blog for more...